Why interviews remind me of video games

Going to interviews is like trying to navigate a level in a video game. You first have to make sure you’re suited up for it with the right armor and weapons (button-down shirt, nice pants, shoes, pens, notebook, and copies of your resume). Then you put on your brave face, conjure up enough courage and face the mini-boss or boss depending on who’s interviewing you. You can say all the right answers and pass all the quests, but at the end of the day, if the job isn’t given to you, game over. You try a different level. You search for a different key to unlock a door that will get you to pass and beat the boss. Sometimes you meet friends along the way that can help you along your journey and give you resources.

I signed up for a hiring agency to help me find a job. I already went on one interview this morning and it was probably the weirdest interview I’ve ever had. During the middle of the interview, the manager says, “Oh my goodness! It’s my grandson’s birthday. I have to call and wish him a happy birthday.” She whips out her phone and calls him. The minute he answers, she starts singing the happy birthday song. Then she turns it on speakerphone and I’m listening to this kid open presents for 15-20 minutes! And I’m sitting there, smiling and mouthing “so cute…”. I didn’t know what to do! I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. The people I met were nice enough but the position isn’t something I was looking for because they wanted someone to work part-time for 5-6 years. YEARS.

I found the door, got out and didn’t look back. I know that this wasn’t the job for me, and I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy speaking with the manager. But it’s just not what I’m looking for. I also felt super out of place in the environment and I think that’s a big thing to be comfortable in!

Have you ever had a weird interview experience?

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