The Worst Thing That Can Ever Happen To A Gamer

As much as I love video games, there is just one thing that irritates me the most. This thing makes me scream, throw my controller, punch a pillow and rage quit. This thing can happen to all gamers, and probably will happen at least once in your life.

And what this thing is, is when the save file completely gets erased out of existence. When you sign in to your game, and the game tells you to create a new save file or a new character.

This happened to me last night. My boyfriend and I recently started Diablo (I’ve never played it before and this was his 4th time playing it) and I was really into it! I loved it! I was a wizard and we got up to level 23! I had unlocked a lot of the spells (I loved the energy beam and the diamond skin!)

So last night we wanted to play and he logged on before I did and I loaded up the game. The game asked me to sign in and when I did… MY CHARACTER WAS NOT THERE! I started freaking the fuck out… I quit out the game and tried it again. NOPE. It took me to the page where you create a new character. I can’t even tell you how many times I quit the game and reloaded back into it… thinking maybe it was some type of fluke and my character would be back. NOPE. This was the first time it ever happened to me!

I lost all that progress… I know that a level 23 wizard doesn’t seem like a lot but… to me it was. Especially because I’m not a big dungeon crawler gamer and I found one that I actually liked! It was so frustrating and I ended up just uninstalling the game. Maybe I’ll replay it again one day but right now… I just need to put the controller down and walk away from that game.

Has this ever happened to you?


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