Top 3 games I’m looking forward to playing from Sony’s PS5 showcase

Yesterday was the PS5’s showcase and OH MY GOD it was so good! Not only did Sony reveal how much the PS5 will cost (finally!), but they also revealed games that would be available to play on this next generation console. They hit it off with a bang with the first trailer! This next generation in games and consoles makes me really excited and is one of the best pieces of news from 2020 haha!

The first game I’m really excited to play is Final Fantasy XVI! The trailer looked amazing! I have never played a FF game before and what held me off from playing it, was that I never had time to play it from the beginning. So I decided to just jump into this one and then work my way back! Kinda twisted I know, but I’m still really excited! Check out the trailer below!

The next game that I’m looking forward to is Spider-Man! I absolutely loved the first game – it was my first Spider-Man game I ever played. I thought it was beautiful and the gameplay itself was very easy to maneuver and it wasn’t too difficult. It never made me want to rage quit. I really loved all the costumes, so I’m so excited to see what costumes they have in store for Miles! Check out the trailer below!

And finally, the best game reveal… Hogwart’s Legacy!! As soon as I saw ‘Portkey’ I KNEW! So I guess this game had some leaks like 2 years ago and I was afraid that they’d sack the whole thing but I am so glad they went through with it! It reminds me of Skyrim and I AM SO EXCITED! I remember when I was a kid, I played this one HP game on the PC and then I played one on GameBoy Advance and then I played the ones on GameCube! I am so excited for all the possibilities and I hope the customization is pretty detailed! Check out the trailer below!

What games are you excited to play? I can’t wait – Sony is going to have an amazing year ahead! I have already pre-ordered the console and I ended up going with the digital only one. I think the system looks sexy AF! Let me know your thoughts and if you are going to get one!


One thought on “Top 3 games I’m looking forward to playing from Sony’s PS5 showcase

  1. FF is always a new story with new characters. Non of them are tied unless it’s directly a sequel or prequel in which case it’s numbered so (ie FFX-2). No excitement for God of War?! I’m most excited for God of War Ragnorak!


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