Sailing the seven seas with Sea of Thieves

I never thought that I would play, let alone love Sea of Thieves. When it first came out, my boyfriend and I tried it and we couldn’t get into it. I thought the characters were ugly, I didn’t like the controls and thought the whole game was boring. Fast forward to a year later and I can’t get enough of it! This is one of my favorite games to play with my boyfriend and friends and it’s one of the games I constantly have in rotation!

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Halloween Festivities : Gaming Edition

Happy October (2nd) everyone! My favorite season has finally come around and it is still 104 degrees in Sunny Los Angeles! I really wish LA would get some Fall weather action going on soon so I can finally pull out my favorite sweaters and boots! It’s a little hard being in the Fall spirit when the weather is so toasty outside, but luckily, 4 of my favorite games are bringing the Halloween festivities to me!

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