Review of the Kontrolfreeks

Helloooo! I hope everyone had a good weekend! My boyfriend and I stayed home and pretty much played video games all weekend haha! We switched off between Crash Bandicoot ‘It’s about time’, Apex Legends and Sea of Thieves! And as I was playing, I realized how much smoother all my movements were… and I realized how much of a difference thumbsticks make!

I’ve never really invested too much into gaming accessories like thumbsticks. I never really thought it was worth getting although I thought they looked really cute! Well let me tell you… I have been missing out! I always thought I wouldn’t like them, because when I play, my hands get sweaty after a while (gross I know) and I thought that my thumbs would just slip off of them.

But, my boyfriend ended up getting me these super cute ones from Kontrolfreek! They are the pink D.Va ones from their Overwatch collection and I am really enjoying them! I feel like I’m not putting as much pressure on my fingers as I used too. And I just get so happy every time I look down and I see them!

I highly recommend getting a pair – they are not too expensive! I really think that they improve my gaming – I feel like I’m able to move smoother and quicker without having to adjust the sensitivity on my controller. And surprisingly, I don’t think that having sweaty hands makes a big difference with them, because mine haven’t been slipping off or anything like that. And after using them I don’t think I can go back to regular thumbgrips. I am definitely going to get some for our other controllers as well! I will leave a link down below in case anyone wants to get the same ones, or check out the other options Kontrolfreek has!

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