Sailing the seven seas with Sea of Thieves

I never thought that I would play, let alone love Sea of Thieves. When it first came out, my boyfriend and I tried it and we couldn’t get into it. I thought the characters were ugly, I didn’t like the controls and thought the whole game was boring. Fast forward to a year later and I can’t get enough of it! This is one of my favorite games to play with my boyfriend and friends and it’s one of the games I constantly have in rotation!

My boyfriend watched some videos on it and started playing solo one day. He was telling me how much fun he was having and I wanted to join in too and give the game another try. I started my game over and as I was going through the character selection, I realized that of course the pirates are ugly – they are pirates! Hahaha I think the only good looking pirates I’ve seen are Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly. I ended up choosing one that, honestly, I still don’t know to this day if it’s a girl or boy haha! My boyfriend chose one that actually doesn’t look that ugly! Once we got our characters selected, we entered the game and this time, it was a lot easier to navigate the outpost, look for supplies and understand how to choose an emissary (we love representing Gold Hoarders!).

What I like the most about Sea of Thieves is trying to reach level 5 emissary each time we play. We have gotten to level 5, but have never completed the missions that you get once you hit that level (we are going to try doing those missions for the first time this weekend!). And now that the ‘Vault of the Ancients’ is out, it is even more fun for us to go scavenger hunting! I’ve really been liking the update – I love having to collect pieces of the map, find the X and then head to an island to grab a key and then head to another island to enter the vault! We always go for the ancient chest first, and then we’ll grab any captain’s chests and then loot as much gold as we can. We’ve found it to be easier to grab a sailboat beforehand so we can load up all our treasure into it, rather than running it back and forth to the ship with it.

And what’s crazy, is that every time we go to an outpost afterwards, a meg spawns!! We still haven’t seen the shrouded ghost yet but I’m hoping to one day! I also really like how the game added dogs to it!!! I love having animals on board- I think it’s so much more fun with them! And we’ve also been trying to collect all of the Ashen pieces – clothes, accessories and ship pieces and my boyfriend just finished the whole costume. We’ve also been trying to reach pirate legend status, but we aren’t quite there yet! I’m almost at level 50 for gold hoarders, but I still have a ways to go with merchants and order of souls.

What I dislike about the game is how long the loading times are! It feels like it takes at least 5 minutes to load in – especially when you die! I also don’t like how some players are on here – I totally get that if you rock Reaper’s then yes, you will go after other players but this one time, my boyfriend was playing and he had a Reaper’s team sink his ship and when he respawned, they came after him again, even though he told them he didn’t have anymore treasure. They kept going after him and killing him and it just didn’t make the game fun anymore. So yeah there’s people on there who SUCK. I also don’t like how many skeletons spawn when you’re on an island – they can get really annoying buuuuut I can’t complain too much, since most of the time they drop loot! 🙂 I also hope they come out with some new costumes soon because I want some new ones!

I think the craziest things to happen to us so far has been :

  1. Finding a chest of rage while also having the chest of sorrow on our ship! Man, that was scary because we had to make sure the chest of sorrow didn’t sink our ship with its tears, while also making sure the chest of rage didn’t blow up our ship!
  2. Getting stopped by a kraken and killing it!!! We got stopped by a kraken once and ended up defeating it! It was so awesome! But right after, we died from another player hahah
  3. One time we had our ship sunk by another player, as soon as we had left the vault and I somehow managed to escape their sights while holding the ancient chest! I was able to swim away from them and my boyfriend picked me up!

I really enjoy playing it and if you play it, let me know what things you enjoy about the game and if anything crazy has happened to you! Here is a cute photo I took in game of my dog, Ghost 🙂

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