Pokemon Snap: First Impressions/Florio Nature Park

Hello! I know it’s been a while since I last posted something, but I figured now was a good a time as any to get back into the game! I’ve been playing Pokemon Snap – I’m still in the beginning and I thought it would be fun to do a post for each area I unlock and get into! For today’s post, I’m going to go through what my first impressions were when I first started the game and what I thought of the first area – Florio Nature Park.

I have been a fan of Pokemon since I was a kid and I remember when Pokemon Snap first came out – I had to rent it from Blockbuster haha! I think I rented a lot of my Nintendo 64/GameCube games from Blockbuster for a while! But if I can describe this new generation Pokemon Snap in one word, it would be : Delightful. It is absolutely delightful and brings back so much nostalgia! I was smiling the entire time and I think I squealed a little too much at some points.

When the game first starts, you see Pikachu and Eevee running around as you come up to this wooden/glass house. The graphics are AMAZING! The world is so colorful and bright – the sounds are so fun. I added some photos down below that shows off the environment and my character (who I think looks SO CUTE!).

Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita greet you and I love how they look! I must say though, that I do miss Professor Oak and I wonder if we will ever see him or if he will ever make a cameo? I can’t remember the last game he was in… but anyways, they give you a camera and the Neo-One which looks amazing and you are off on your first adventure to Florio Nature Park. I think what I love most about the game, is that there is night version which makes everything so much cooler! I absolutely love that feature that they added and I think it’s such a great way to see how Pokemon act at night time and even, what Pokemon only come out at night versus the day.

These are the Pokemon that I caught during the day and night. The game also added a special ‘Illumination’ phase – although since I’m still in the beginning of the game, I’m not sure if every area will have that. But I did notice that hitting level 2 unlocked more Pokemon in both day and night, as well as the Illumina (I saw Eevee in this one and I FREAKED OUT). It was honestly so much fun seeing some old Pokemon and new ones! This game is such a delight to play and I can’t wait to see the other areas! I hope you enjoy my photos from my Switch ❤

I’m so excited to see what else there is and if you end up getting the game, please let me know what your favorite parts are! Stay tuned for most posts in this series as well – as I have unlocked the Volcano area and Beach area! I can’t wait ❤

As always,

Luv, Eevee

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