Pokemon Snap: Belusylva Region – Founja Jungle

Welcome back everyone to the second blog post in our Pokemon Snap Series! Today I’m going through my impressions of the second course that unlocks which is Founja Jungle. I found this one to be super awesome and cool, but also really tricky when it came to the night version! I am still loving the game, and I can’t wait to see what Pokemon there are in the other regions! But for now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the jungle!

So after you get through the Illumina Spot in Florio Nature Park, the game unlocks the Belsuylva Region (that’s a mouthful)! I couldn’t remember if the original Pokemon had a jungle type region before, but the graphics blew it out of the park. I was so amazed at how beautiful and green everything looked, but not only that, the sounds were insane too! It’s really amazing getting to hear how Pokemon sound in the wild, and what they do. I really wish Pokemon were real in our world and maybe one day they will be – who knows.

There were many Pokemon in this region that I was seeing for the first time (like Liepard and Morelull) and then there were others that I loved seeing (like Leafeon and Venusaur). Hands down, Leafeon is the cutest new eeveelution and my favorite. I was so excited to see her, but I realized that for the daytime, it was the first time in the game that you could unlock a shortcut (and this is how you see Leafeon). Once you hit level 2, it of course, unlocks even more Pokemon and their characteristics which is sooooo cool.

The night time was really trippy – it was honestly kinda hard to see and I had to repeat this course a bunch just to make sure I didn’t miss anyone – which I don’t think I did, but who knows! I honestly don’t think I liked the nighttime in this one as much as Florio Nature Park because I’m blind as a bat and it was really hard for me to see the Pokemon haha. So I would give this course a 6/10. And I was bummed that this course didn’t have an Illumina spot – not sure if this is something that unlocks later on or what ( I try really hard to not look at any guides unless I am soooo frustrated haha).

Hope you enjoy the mini slideshow! But these were the photos that I thought were best of the ones I’ve taken from this region. I just unlocked the beach so I’m SO hyped to get into that one and start shooting!

As always,

Luv Eevee

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