Origin Story



My origin story…

Hi, my name is Jenny but I like to go by Eevee when I’m online! I’m just your regular Pokemon trainer who loves playing different types of video games, loves reading comic books and geeking out over pop culture! When I’m not playing games or reading, I like hanging out with my boyfriend, family, and friends. 

I wanted to start a blog for the things that I was passionate about and bring people along with me on my adventures! My blog is about my love for all things gaming, pop culture, and girly/geeky things!

I’m a nerd at heart. I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts, opinions, and resources for games, movies, TV shows, and books.  I wanted a place where I could connect with people about things that I love and join in with other fellow nerds about things they love too! 

Luv Eevee has been my gamer tag on all my consoles and it started with my love for the Pokemon Eevee! I like to say that I’ve been an Eevee trainer since 1998 because that was when Eevee first appeared in Pokemon! The minute I saw her ( I have always referred to Eevee as she) I fell in love and she became my favorite Pokemon ever since. So, whenever I played a new game, I would always put my name as Eevee and once I started gaming online, it made complete sense to me to go as Eevee. 

When I started playing Overwatch, I always picked D.va! One of her sayings is “Luv, D.va” and I thought that was so cute! So I put Luv and Eevee together and BOOM! Luv Eevee was created! 

So now you know my backstory, and I hope you enjoy my blog!